Paul McMahon, Eileen Isagon Skyers, Jeffrey Augustine Songco ||||| Twenty-first Century Occupational Adjustments and Considerations; Episode 2: One Liners |||||

@ Rental Gallery ||||| May 26 - June 17, 2018

Of the very many ways that the proliferation of screens has impacted contemporary communication, one of the most resonant has been the resurgence of the one line joke. Memes are what we call these infinitely entertaining digital items; they are newfangled one-line funnies, forged from readymade digital images that have been altered by a succinct intercedent gesture. Importantly, making one requires specific consideration of the material and aesthetic qualities of each individual article, tweet, or image as distinct from its content and meaning. Easily created and shared with a smartphone, memes comprise a very significant amount of original online content. Alongside the infinite flow of factual information, then, has evolved a distinctive, aesthetically-grounded approach towards comprehending and connecting with it.