Iván Argote, Rosa Menkman, Kenya (Robinson) ||||| Twenty-first Century Occupational Adjustments and Considerations; Episode 1: Magnification |||||

@ Bortolami |||||||| January 12 - February 24, 2018

This exhibition convenes three artists whose art objects dilate particular elements of contemporary life for more detailed inspection. With his sly public gestures, Iván Argote makes visible the emotional and cultural infrastructures that support the functionality of international metropolises. Rosa Menkman’s experimental research into the atoms of digital images yields radical aesthetic forms. And, Kenya (Robinson) continues to investigate zero-sum capitalism through absurdity, here co-opting the making strategies of an obscure online fetish community. Episode 1: Magnification inaugurates Twentyfirst Century Occupational Adjustments and Considerations, HARRISON’s ongoing exhibition series centered around art offering fresh perspectives on contemporary life.